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Painting of mom and fan.jpg
sketches mother and fan.jpg

The 100 paintings, 10 x 10 project is off to a good start.  A bit slower than I anticipated, but I am getting my wheels turning and getting some traction.  The top images are of the completed paintings,18 x 24, on the bottom are the sketches using the antique photos copied onto 12 x 17 paper.  Working with the sketch, or as I like to call it, a test, helps the painting come along and I have an idea of the direction of the piece. 

White On White Ideas.jpg

This summer I will be showing my work in a cooperative artist gallery, Art Space in Rockland, Maine.  The gallery is right on Main Street next to the Farnsworth. There is a ton of foot traffic in the summer.   I will work hours as part of my commitment to the gallery.  I flew up in January to have an interview with 10 of the resident artists.  My first show with the gallery will be in May as part of the new member show and then I will have a show in the front room with three other artists for the month of July.  I am planning on creating work that will directly reflect the landscape of Maine.  The photos here are of Friendship, Maine right after a snow storm.   These three images will be a part of a series of 10.