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What happens in Austin, well you get the picture....

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Given that this is my first rodeo, I am very pleased how my tent looks.

I sold two paintings, a ton of LoVE signs AND some of the 1,000 Project pieces.

What did I see?

Dogs.  Austin LOVES their dogs. They wore sunglasses.  Not just human sunglasses, but specially made doggy sunglasses.  Dogs were in strollers, backpacks and carried like small children. 

When the baby needs to be changed, why not in my tent?  Not a real baby, it was a mechanical doll and it’s teen mother had to care for it.  It cried, needed to be fed.  She is doing this for a class in High School and will be a nursing assistant when she graduates.  As it was screaming it’s head off, the girl whispered, “Shut your lips.”  Thing about being a new mom, even to a fake baby, people help you.  They want to find you a chair to sit in, a place to put your bag and help you figure it out.  I was really impressed that she came out of the house and was at the festival with her friends.  She had a really good attitude.  She was looking forward to turning in her baby on Monday. 

Tee shirts. Here are some of the highlights. BTW – don’t wear you’re A&M stuff in Austin. 

Rehab is for quitters

Life is pretty amazing

Rick Perry Sucks

Shit Luck

I messed with Texas

Body by Duff

Sick of It

Best. City. Ever. Austin

No days off

Shake your Shamrocks

You Can’t Sit with Us

Nacho Average

In dog beers, I have only had one

Do the Work

Buda, Just outside of Weird - I had to have the guy explain this one to me.

Keep Calm, Graduate Again

Spooning might lead to Forking

Love with your mind, not with your eyes

Welcome to the dork side

I love Being Me

It was me.  I let the dogs out.

Polite as Fuck [He really was, I asked him]


Things people said in my tent or passing by

Mom, can I give you some money?

I should donate my sperm to a bank.

A blind man saying to the sales girl, “Nice to see you.”

Baby, I went to Plano and came back pregnant

There is not a bench to be found on 6th Street.  Keep on moving. 

Overall it was a great experience and VERY entertaining!