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When in Maine, paint a nude model then go paint outside....

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I decided to start my summer in Maine with torturing myself in a life drawing group.  Here are the results.  When I was doing this, I felt like I had forgotten how to paint.  The model and the other artists were so kind to me and encouraged me to come back.   I am just going to keep after it and  show up on Wednesday nights with my paints, crayons and an open attitude.  I have to admit that when the timer when off for the pose, I was so grateful to be free of the stupid painting that I was working on. 

Painting out side.  I am working in Friendship, Maine.  I picked one of my favorite houses that is on the way to the beach.

This is what I learned painting outside:

*There are NO secrets in a small town.

*Make it work.  If your back is killing you because your rickety table is too low, use a boat support as an easel. 

*Make it work, if you didn’t bring enough paints, use what you have.


The audio selection on the water included:

*Dogs barking their heads off

*Seagulls laughing at their own jokes. They think they are hilarious.  They crack themselves up.


*Lawnmowers, many of them

*The deep rumble of a lobster boat starting up.

*Seagulls at a comedy club.


More things I learned:

*Sunscreen.  Buy it, put it on, don’t be such a dumb-a** .  Seriously, my ears are bacon now. 

*Just get started.  Don’t worry too much and play.

*Fishermen help painters.

*Make it work.  Use what you have.  Use what is around you.

*Bring Sunscreen.

*Bring bug-spray.

*Hang in there.

*Paint dries really fast in direct sun. 

*Show up tomorrow

This is the start up sketch of the paintings.

This is the start up sketch of the paintings.

This is quite a change from my studio in Houston.  I have taken over a big portion of the back porch.  I want to dare myself to use all of those paints!

Here are the first three paintings that I have made.  They will be part of a show in Rockland, Maine in July at Art Space.