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Showing my New Stuff –

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It is like hanging out in public in my underwear.


I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.  Very well known and established artists feel this way.  But it makes me want to hide away and not tell anyone what I am doing.  Especially if it is brand new work.  If I hid my work for a year and let it incubate it might be better emotionally, but there is this other part of me that wants to complete the work by showing it to the world.  Hello everyone, here I am in my underwear. 

This work has really surprised me.  It is so BRIGHT!  Many of the colors are right out of the tube.    Usually when I come up to Maine to work, the paintings are usually more pastel.  Not this year.  This series was painted on location in Friendship.  Martin's Point Road at Richard Burns' house and the town landing at the working harbor.  This is a super fun way to work.  The compositions come out in unique ways when painting right on the spot.  I am not forgetting about the sunscreen and a huge hat now that I am seasoned outside painter.  No more bacon ears.

Nudes for July update.jpg

I have finished my fifth week in the life drawing class.  I paint and it is the most humbling artistic thing that I do each week.  I can really see better results.  Finally, I am not worried about making a pretty picture.  I have given myself permission to make a really hideous piece or make the model look fat and awful.   I like how this process is going.   The models and the artists are so kind.